About Michael Greany Fine Art

Michael Greany Fine Art is now represented by Rosenthal Fine Art, Inc..

All of the art on this website is from the estate of the late Michael Greany, who was a private art dealer for over twenty years. During that time, he prudently collected this work with an eye for connoisseurship. He bought and sold a wide array of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, art glass, and art books.

This web site reflects only a small portion of the extensive inventory. If you have specific interests as a collector, please contact Rosenthal Fine Art at info@rosenthalfineart.com or phone us at 312 475 0700.

Organization of the Web Site

The web site is devoted primarily to displaying a selection of the inventory into broad categories.

Some of these categories may be somewhat simple-minded from the point of view of art history, but we hope these categories facilitate a pleasant, pain-free transversal of the web site. They were designed to accommodate both casual viewing as well as focused searches.

We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any comments or suggestions about the web site. 

Listing of Art Works

Items are listed with the name of the artist, the title of the work, the medium, the actual or estimated date of the work’s execution, and the dimensions of the work. All measurements are given in inches with height preceding width. 

The edition size is provided for prints and other works..

Additional Information is Available

Please contact Rosenthal Fine Art for biographical information concerning any of the artists at info@rosenthalfineart.com.